About us

Seonsa Consulting is determined to provide you with a range of professional services with clear information. With the help of experienced and fluent Spanish experts, Seonsa Consulting will make your way to Europe easier and faster. In general, the most important services that can be provided to applicants by Seonsa Consulting are as follows:

– Advising and carry out all legal and legal affairs for people who intend to obtain European residency.

– Introducing various construction projects in different parts of Spain.

– Providing a variety of construction projects in the form of ready delivery or pre-sale.

– Sending an official invitation from Spain to the Spanish Embassy and providing facilities in the process of obtaining a visa in order to visit Spain and visit the projects.

– Providing free advice and guidance to you in order to choose the right property.

– Covering your travel and accommodation expenses, if you buy the property from us.

– Facilitating mortgages for property purchases from Spanish banks

– Consulting and performing all legal affairs related to the purchase of property and acquainting you with the legal contracts and procedures.

– Appropriate notification to buyers in order to buy property at auctions.

– Renting your houses for you after the purchase

– Performing all after-sales service related to real estate such as insurance, property sales and maintenance.

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