Trade Consulting in Spain


Are you aware of all the brands of your desired product? Do you have complete knowledge of the terms of purchase from them? Do you know the economic conditions of the target country and do you know where is the best time and place to buy the product you want? Do you know which channel is more economical to transport and ship your goods?
These and many other questions will make it easier for you to use the advice of counselors who have enough experience and expertise to answer all your questions.
Seonsa consultants will provid you with a solution for your trading problems in order to provide you with a wide range of services.
The use of experienced business experts familiar with the economic affairs of Spain and other European countries, as well as complete mastery of the status of reputable brands, is ready to take your trading to the next level.

Imports and Exports

In addition to marketing the goods needed in Europe in terms of importing and exporting goods and obtaining the relevant licenses for the intended purposes, Seonsa Consulting provides the opportunity for applicants to enter global markets.


Using the services of experienced and organized companies in the field of clearance of goods and customs declarations in all European bases and destinations, Seonsa Consulting is ready to provide customs services to applicants.

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