Real Estate Consulting in Spain

Project introduction

Introducing various construction projects in different parts of Spain in such a way that it does not only require you to buy a property in the tourist and coastal areas of Spain, and you can use our services in other parts of Spain where it is possible to buy property in those areas. The main advantage is that if you have chosen Spain as a place to stay for a long time, you will not only have to choose the tourist areas and use the facilities provided in those areas, but also be able to easily enjoy all the benefits of urban life in the country. Of course, the beauty and tranquility of the coastal cities of Spain cannot be ignored. The beaches where the Spanish people are said to “sell their beautiful sun to the world”.
Due to the variety of services available at Seonsa Consulting, it is possible to choose the required property completed or pre-sale. Seonsa Consulting uses the experiences of dozens of architects in designing and implementing its projects and is able to introduce you to very suitable options as pre-sale projects. Completed projects, of course, have a relatively higher price and may not fit within the budget you have chosen for your investment, so in such a case, choosing the right property from among the pre-sale options is very reasonable and economical.
Purchasing during the construction is a great opportunity to invest. This type of purchase is done before the construction is completed. The cost of these projects increases with the passage of time and approaching the time of completion of the building so, by buying such a property you have made a profitable investment. There are also good payment terms for pre-saleconstruction projects that can be used. 
Seonsa Consulting will provide you with all the necessary legal services for concluding pre-sale contracts.

With you, from the beginning
From the moment you decide to buy a property in Spain until you make this purchase and even after that, Seonsa is always by your side. As soon as you make your decision, our experts will issue you an official invitation for your visa. You can make an appointment with Embassy of Spain to get a visa for your trip to Spain. Legal experts at Seonsa Consulting will do their best to facilitate your trip. Seonsa Consulting agents will follow up your visa status on your behalf. In doing so, whenever your presence is needed it will be coordinated with you.

If you have already traveled to Europe or have a Schengen visa, these can help you with the Schengen visa process. Seonsa Consulting also cooperates closely with several airlines. This may speed up your visa process so that you can travel to Spain sooner. 

Seonsa consultants will be by your side from the moment you arrive at the Spain airport, and don’t worry, even if you’ve traveled to Spain independently, Seonsa Consulting is able to provide all of your accommodation needs, such as hotels and travel services in Spain. 

If you are traveling to Spain independently or as a tourist, considering that Seonsa Consulting is aware of the details of your travel time, a special tour of real estate projects in Spain will be prepared for you. In this tour, you will be able to visit the projects you want without paying any fees, so that if you want to buy, you can see the projects up close, have the power to choose and make better decisions. During this time, you will be accompanied by Seonsa consultants to answer various questions that may arise in your mind. Due to the fact that the contents of the website, especially in the projects section, are being updated periodically, we recommend that you check the details of the projects in advance on the website for a preliminary review, so that if you visit the project, you have a better view of the conditions of the region, the status of the project, its price range and such information.

We take care of the expenses of your travel and hotel accommodation

If you are willing to invest in Spain, it is our honor to welcome you to Spain. If you purchase a property from Seonsa Consulting during your visit in Spain, all the travel expenses including your round-trip ticket and hotel accommodation will be refunded.


If you have made your final decision to buy a property from Seonsa Consulting, our consultants will help you to obtain bank loan. These facilities are in the form of loans with very low interest rates and long-term installments (10 years, 20 years and maybe even 30 years) that can be paid up to about 60% or 70% of the value of the property. In order for you to benefit from these facilities, meetings will be held with the presence of our Spanish legal experts and lawyers, and finally, after you provide the documents, the necessary measures will be taken to grant these facilities quickly. You should prepare your documents before your trip to Spain and take them with you so that if you make the final decision on your trip, you can prepare for the process and you may be able to complete it.

Performing all services related to the purchase of property

Due to the fact that in every country different legal procedures must be followed, you need to perform some administrative procedures in order to proceed with the legal affairs of your transaction. For example, office work, tax settlement, obtaining a Spanish social security number, and after your purchase is finalized so that the title deed can be issued in your name and made available to you. Our consultants are by your side in order to do all these things, and by providing appropriate guidance, they will accelerate and be more careful in doing things. It should be noted that all these consulting services will be provided to you FREE of charge and you are only required to pay the fees that are legally your responsibility.

Legal Consulting for people who intend to obtain a residence permit in Spain

After purchasing a property in Spain, you have the right to apply for Residence Visa and the Spanish government will issue a visa to you after checking the documents of the title deed. This visa is initially a short-term visa and can be converted into a six-month multi-entry visa.

Those buyers of real estate who also want to obtain a European residence permit can request residence permit from our experts at the same time as the property purchase process, so that their residency file can be processed.

With a wide range of real estate consulting networks in Spain, Seonsa Consulting has a comprehensive database of such properties, the complete list of which is listed on this website, and you can contact us to get more information about them. All administrative and legal matters related to this type of property can also be presented to you by the experts of Seonsa Consulting.

After Sales Service

After selling the property to you, Seonsa Real Estate advisors are still with you. If you want to rent your property after the purchase, this can be done by the relevant experts. With a contract with our real estate rental department, you can rent your property for a year or a month or even a week. Renting a property can provide part or all of your monthly installments. If you provide your property to the company on a weekly rental basis, it is possible to rent the property at several times the price during the season when tourist traffic is very high.

Some of the other services that can be provided after the sale of the property are as follows:

property price evaluation, selling property, insurance services, following up on tax affairs, paying water and electricity bills and telephone bills, etc.

For more information, please contact us.