What are the fees of Seonsa Consulting?

All the services of Seonsa Consulting Company from the first step of sending an invitation and obtaining a tourist visa from the embassy until the moment of obtaining the residence card are FREE. According to Spanish law, Seonsa consulting company receives the commission from the seller, and the buyer only pays for the property, purchase tax, preparation and registration of the document and his lawyer.

Is the spanish residency visa permanent or temporary?

All issued residence visas are first issued as an EU residence card, which is one year, then renewed twice and each time for two years, and after five years a permanent residence card is issued.

Does the residence visa include all family members?

If the purchased property is 50-50 in the name of the applicant and their spouse, you can apply for residency for all family members at the same time. This includes children under 18 years of age.

Is it possible for the Residence Visa to be rejected once the investment has taken place?

If a file is rejected, the Spanish embassy announces the reason for not accepting the application and gives the applicant one month to complete the documents. At this stage, the lawyer, while having direct contact with the embassy, eliminates all the shortcomings of the case and obtains the residence permit. It should be noted that Seonsa and the group of lawyers who work with us have been successful in 100% of the cases so far and have not had a single failed case in their twenty years of activity in this field.

What are the ways to obtain residency through the purchase of property and investment?

There are three ways to apply for a residence permit in Spain and therefore in Europe:

The first method :

The fastest and easiest way to get a residence permit in Spain is to invest in a property worth 500,000 euros, known as a Golden Visa. In this method, after buying a property or real estate worth 500,000 euros or more, you will be able to obtain within 21 working days. 

The second method :

Obtaining a residence permit without a work permit through investment and showing high financial means

In this way, according to the law, if you have the property to live in Spain and have enough income to live in Spain, you are eligible for residency. In this method, after purchasing the property, you will translate financial documents such as real estate document, print bank estatement, paid tax, etc., and deliver it to the Spanish embassy along with real estate document. And you apply for residency. The time required to receive a residence permit and receive a reply from the embassy is 2 to 3 months.

The third method:

Obtaining a residence permit with a work permit

This method is for those who want to immigrate to Spain and live in Spain. In this method, a person must invest in buying a property that can be commercial and must have a profitable work plan, in which case a lawyer will prepare a business plan. You will be delivered to the embassy with the relevant file. The duration of your stay in this method is 6-8 months.

What are the documents required to open a bank account and apply for a loan?

By showing sufficient income from your economic activity, you are eligible to use the loan. This loan with an annual interest rate of less than 3% and according to the age requirements of the applicant, is repayable for 15-20 years.

Required Documents:

  • Translation of Company Letter. Official Gazette, Business License and Any Document showing High Economic Income.
  • Salary receipt.
  • Property document.
  • Tax balance sheet.
  • Bank account estatements and letters of financial capability.
  • Certificate of no criminal background.

What are the steps for buying a property and how to send money and complete the purchase?

The applicant first travels to Spain on a tourist visa and visits a variety of properties for a week to ten days, depending on their budget. After selecting the property, they pay the seller € 3,000-6,000 as a property reservation. At this stage, the property is reserved for the buyer for 4-6 weeks.

In the first trip, a bank account will be opened for you, then you will return to your country of residence after booking the property and you will send the rest of the initial payment to your account. It will be credited to your account and you will pay the seller on the day of receipt and receive the property key. During this time, the attorney will provide all the necessary inquiries and documents related to the transfer of the document to the official office.

What should be the price and conditions of the purchased property?

If you are applying for a residence permit without a work permit, there is no minimum price for the property. Only the property should have a suitable space and size in proportion to the number of family members. Example: A family of four, assuming two children under the age of 18, must purchase at least one two-bedroom property.

What are the additional costs such as taxes, monthly charges, etc.?

In addition to the value of the property, you have to pay about 10% of the tax, notification and registration fees. This is a tax you pay only once to buy. After that, you pay about 0.65% (less than one percent) of the value of the property’s land to the municipality annually as a toll to the municipality (for example, if you buy a property for 100,000 euros, you first pay about 10,000 euros in taxes. And you pay a registration fee and then you pay about 500 euros in municipal fees annually). The cost of a monthly charge depends on the facilities of the complex, so that if the complex has a swimming pool, a gym, an elevator, etc., the charge will be higher. Example: An apartment charge of 100,000 euros is about 40-50 euros per month.