Legal Consulting in Spain

Consult with experienced lawyers

The administrative process and laws of each country are almost unique. Not knowing these rules can cause irreparable damage to your capital and business. But don’t worry, we’ll be with you with our experienced lawyers at all stages. Our lawyers will give you security and peace of mind by fully encompassing the laws of the country.

Banking Services

Undoubtedly, every economic activity in every corner of today’s world requires interaction and communication with the banking system. Therefore, Seonsa offers advice to applicants who intend to open an account, transfer money and other banking operations in Spain. Our experts will be by your side from the moment the account is opened until you receive the bank facility.

Financial Services

Seonsa has a close business relationship with accounting and auditing companies dealing with financial issues and tax returns, corporate taxes, VAT and tax registrations. Seonsa is ready to provide financial services for your business.

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